Robin Zheng


I am a 6th-year Ph.D candidate in Philosophy at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. My research ranges across ethics, moral psychology, social and political philosophy. My dissertation is on moral responsibility for implicit bias, where I argue for a reexamination and expansion of the concept of moral responsibility itself. I also have interests in feminist philosophy of science and philosophy of race, where I am working on topics such as racialized sexual preferences and the interrelationship between normative and empirical inquiry.

I am a founder of the Michigan chapter of the Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) network, the Mind and Moral Psychology (MMP) Working Group, and the philosophy department outreach program, which co-sponsored the first ever Michigan High School Ethics Bowl. I am also a member of the APA Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion.

I graduated from Washington and Lee University, class of 2009, with degrees in Philosophy and Physics.

You can read brief profiles of me here (2014) and here (2008). 

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